amazing creators...even better people

while surfing around etsy laaaaaate one night early this month, i happened upon this forum, comprised of a group of etsians taking part in a little thing called "what's in the box?" i signed up to take part in what i soon realized is a unique blend of a prize entry, promotional tool, and amazing source of tips, tricks, and advice for crafting, creating and selling on etsy. but even more than all of that, it is an amazing group of women (uh, i think we're all women!) who, in the anonymity of cyber-space forums (and occasionally, chat rooms) have actually become friends, confidants, and supporters of each other. it is a group that represents the best of what a community (especially artistic community) should be and i am so thankful that i happened upon it that night. besides being just fantastic people, these sellers are some mighty fine artists and creators as well. you'll find below my favorite item from each shop but there are sooooo many more where these came from. please click away...and have fun checking them out!


LizardQueen said...

What a great informative and to the point post, Macri! Thank you so much for sharing our journey and featuring our work! And by the way, WE are so glad that you found us...and without you there would be blank space on my wall!

The Queen Of Re said...

Yes I would agree.

I love traveling (and buying) through etsy. Very talented passionate people.