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Save Handmade Toys i was just talking about "causes" on here yesterday. and this cute little bear "button" is permanently on the left side of my blog-ola until this insane CPSIA goes into effect or gets squashed like a bug . but we're getting down to the wire here, folks, because right now this act is set to go into effect on 02.10.09! so i'm moving mr. cute bear button onto an actual post to try to reach more people. this law truly IS ridiculous and a complete over-reaction on the part of the government...for more info on it, check out the Buy Handmade Blog. to get involved and for more resources, go here and to sign an online petition, check out this site (yes, you can sign it anonymously). also, check out papermasks' idea to send soon-to-be-banned items to the white house! ingenious! save handmade.

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The Milkshake said...

I know, it is so sad I hope it does not come to pass. All that Beautiful children's things!

My mom will not be able to sell her wonderful Giddi-up skirts :o(